WINTER Services


We offer snow services to only commercial customers in Sioux City.  Do to the extended time it takes to get from facility to facility, we only take on what we can handle to ensure we can provide top-notch customer service.  Call today to see if we can fit your business in our schedule!

  • We are on call 24/7 for any emergencies
  • We have the same employees go to the same places so they understand what the customer needs
  • We offer traditional rock salt and ice melt services but take pride in our de-icing services with our liquid de-icing services. See below for more information about the benefits of liquid de-icing!
  • We have plenty of equipment to get our work done
  • At the end of the snow season we specifically go to each facility to repair all turf damage from snow removal
  • We develop relationships with the maintenance departments, owners, or whomever our point of contact is to ensure above standard communication
  • We develop a snow program that works for your business
  • We pile snow where the customer requests or what is best practices for thaw and refreeze of the piles to reduce chances of slips and falls.

Why choose liquid de-icing over traditional rock salt? It works faster and gets down to bare pavement much more quickly. For some customers, especially ones who have had major slip and fall claims from employees or patrons, it's worth it. But in most cases, we can get parking lots down to bare pavement 3-4x faster than rock salt can.

It also results in reduced janitorial costs! The stuff doesn't track in, decreasing the mess you get with sand and rock salt. Obviously it still tracks in on shoes, but it mops up easily and doesn't scratch or stain.

We can work to lower temperatures by spiking our brine with an additive along with corrosion inhibitors that are better for your asphalt and especially concrete. We can melt off parking lots in lower temperatures that rock salt couldn't even put a dent in.

Liquid doesn't stain your parking lots white or leave piles of excess salt behind, in fact, most of the time you can't even tell the salt and calcium chloride residue is there. The liquid gets into thee nooks and crannies and is there and ready for the next snow event. Unless a significant rain event occurs between your last snow event and the next one, the sodium and calcium chloride remain on the lot and ready!